Price: GH₵ 1,200
15 Watts FM Transmitter
Product Main Features:

This FM stereo transmitter, using advance modulation system and Phase Lock Loop to control a steady frequency when transmitting.

New invented low noise system is used to reduce the noise level during broadcasting time. A digital stereo system is used and control the stereo separation at great condition. with  a high gain antenna ,it can easy broadcast anywhere you want,home,apartment,church, school,club,camping,backyard,resident village.This Broadcast Package is plug and Play design, very easy to use , as you could see you could use it at you really could enjoy the stereo transmitter!


    Item name: ST-15B-V2 (Updated verstion)

    Power supply: DC12V5A

    Support RCA audio input

    Frequency range: 87 ~ 108Mhz

    Frequency Step: 0.1MHz

    Frequency stabilization mode: PLL frequency synthesizer

    Modulation: FM stereo

    Deviation: +/- 75KHz

    Pre-emphasis Delay: 50us

    Stereo separation: -45dB (5000Hz ~ 15000Hz)

    Frequency response: 40KHz ~ 15KHz ± 0.2dB (stereo)

    Distortion: <0.3%

    Modulation: 15%

    Input Level: -15dBV

    RF output impedance: 50Ω

    RF output power: 1.5W / 15W ( power can be switched)

    Reference working distance: 1Km-10Km (in the open air)

    Weight: 0.55KG

    Dimensions: 154 * 122 * 45MM (L*W*H,excluding protrusions)

    Audio Input Connector: 3.5mm headphone connector

    Microphone jack;it can be connected wih the microphone

    BNC Type antenna output

    Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )


    Connect antenna first before connecting transmitter to DC supply, otherwise, transmitter will be burned out.

    Select an unused FM station in your area.

    Packing is not included the antenna and power supply,and you can buy the power supply in your local store.
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